To you


I thought you were the perfect person for me. You had flaws with your family and your own demons but I knew that was just the way that you were.   I thought that you would have accepted me for who I was like I accepted you. I know I was closed off but I would have probably done anything for you.

I thought last week gave us hope that something was still there. Yet you take her calls whenever you get the chance and that is so hurtful to me. Of all places you have to find her on a dating site like who even is this girl and why do you have to find her on a dating site when there is a perfectly fine girl right in front of you.  Its ridiculous I believe in our dreams and us we have the same goals and the ideas.  This is insane.

I even thought for a split second that you are the one. I can see forever with you and I have no idea how I know I just do. I knew we liked each other the minute we saw each other. Yeah we might not have really liked each other at first but you can tell there was something there.  I have never felt like this before where I can’t sleep because you are talking to another girl and actually like her.  Do you love her more than you can ever love me.  I just want to know I almost have to know

I miss you. I miss your goofy annoying smile and your really lame jokes that are just not funny.  but yet they are things that I want to hear after a really rough day at work they somehow make my day a little bit better.  I miss us and how we used to be.  I feel that I can tell you all of my problems and you’ll just understand me. You are the first people I think ever that I can see a future with a real future as long as we’re together I could really care less what else happens.

I Love you because with every thing that has happened I’m still willing and waiting to give us a shot and no matter what happens I never want to let you go this just shows how much I’ve never felt this way about anyone ever



I have been in my masters program for about a year now.  Who ever told me this time last year I would be a grad student at Felician University  I would have told them they were insane. I thought I was going to be LC conquering the east coast.  But I’ve made it this far and I think I deserve a pat on the back if I don’t say so myself.  Of course things aren’t how I expected for everything to pan out but things could be worse.

On my first day at Felician one of my professors told the class the best way to know our selves and of course to be better counselors is to see a therapist. This is supposed to help clear our mind and to also be able to become better counselors. Of course me being the one who hates to talking about her feelings would rather blog about her feelings and to write about it instead. This kind of made me want to start blogging again. Fingers crossed I can actually keep the blog this time .



Bathing Suits

Summer is almost over!! Can you believe it?! My internship is almost over but new chaos is coming for the fall semester. Before the chaos explodes I have decided to spend some time in Miami with the fan bam. Here are some of my favorite bathing suits for Summer that might even make it into my suitcase.

Ok ok even though I am not the biggest fan of Micheal Kors I love these cut out suits. I have also gained some ripples and thins and need to cover up some skin.

I think that high waisted bathing suits look perfect on any body type.

No words needed

fourth of july

fourth of july

Recently I have found a love for styling and fashion out of no where. This is totally typical for a girl who has no idea what she wants to do with the rest of her life.  Me boing the nosy person that I am, I found out about Polyvore from the other stylist working  at my internship. Sadly I am sick today and I cannot go and see the fourth of July fireworks with friends and fam.  To keep the July 4th sprint alive I have decided to create out fits that would look cute if I were actually going out.

Mint green dress
$22 –

Mink Pink laser cut crop top
$68 –

Fitted jeans
$26 –

Converse high top shoes
$69 –

Strap shoes


Over my life I have always beenn surrounded by newspapers and books including about Marx and Locke. My dad was a hippie at WPU in the 70’s and was a marxist working in an oil factory through out college. So what we learned in class is nothing new to me. What I did find interesting was the examples that were given to us. Such as anarchists living in sussex county.
The only thing that I found challenging was why so many people have “not drank the kool aid yet.” I have always read about radical groups that people are willing to donate everything for the cause. However I have never heard of groups in normal suburbia such as Wayne.

I always knew about anarchism and have always known about the political aspect of anarchism, libertarianism . I am a very well read person and have heard about radical anarchists such as Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman in the 1890’s. However I’ve never really thought about how anarchists would live in 2013. Such as living in teapeas in Sussex county with other anarchists or going dumspter diving in New York city.

I have learned that although I might be well read about a cause such as anarchism, communism and libertarianism. It doesn’t mean that I am going to ” not drink the cool aid” and rebel. I like my life with my cat and bieng well read of what goes on in the world. I may disagree sometimes of certain things that go on in goverment. Such as lowering taxes or voting against immigration laws, in which many liberatarians believe in.

moral philosophy

  • I enjoyed this topic alot  of morality.   Such as the example given in class of if your mother is strapped onto train tracks and if four million people are strapped to the train tracks. Who would you choose? Many of the people actually wanted to save the four million people and not thier mother.  Although i think i would choose my mother. 

 What I found troubling abouth this topic is you cannot be in between you have to choose one side. I personally like to have options. From what my out fit is going to be, to what I am going to eat for dinner.